Backup and Disaster Recovery

Tecwired offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery services to keep your business continuity intact in crisis situations. Many disruptive events can occur that threaten the normal flow of your business’s functioning. Whether it’s a natural disaster, such as flood, fire or other catastrophe, or an IT malfunction or security breech that disrupts normal work function, Techwired will help you return to normal functionality to your technology systems swiftly and efficiently.

Back Ups
One of the most crucial parts of any Disaster Recovery plan is data backups. Tecwired’s back up services will keep your archived data secure and up to date, providing data restoration that will serve as the core of your Disaster Recovery. Safe, secure, and confidential back ups offer long term business stability in the event of any developing situation.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Tecwired will consult with your business to create a comprehensive plan to protect and restore all elements of your IT and technology systems. Key business processes will be identified and all your business’s IT equipment and services needs will be mapped out, with strategic plans to preserve or restore functionality.

Business Continuity Planning
To support business continuity during a crisis, Tecwired’s recovery planning will help you map out a complete plan of action to keep your business IT processes operational and functioning to support your company’s needs. Tecwired will mobilize your recovery efforts quickly to make sure the support, supplies and services necessary to keep your business operational are in place, no matter what disaster challenges you face.

With solid disaster recovery planning and Tecwired’s services before, during and after the emergency, your business can serve its customers even under the most dire of conditions. Disaster recovery services are a crucial part of any responsible business plan. Tecwired can provide you with professional advice and support for all your disaster needs.

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